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Track time in your Toggl projects from your commit messages.

Toggl is insanely simple time tracking. Linking your ProjectLocker and Toggl accounts helps ensure that you keep track of all of your team’s work time.

If your team works on billable projects, this will make sure you get paid for more work time.

Best of all, your commit messages are all you need to log time in Toggl — you don’t even need to remember to open the Toggl website.

Logging time to Toggl from your commit messages is this easy.
$ svn commit -m "Improved user management screen. Billed 3.5 hours."

Stop losing money

Make it easy for your team to log their time from their normal workflow. So you’ll capture more of the time actually worked and ensure that you get paid for it.

Works how you do

After a simple connection in ProjectLocker Portal, you can log time to your Toggl account right from your commit messages no matter what client you use.

Eliminate guesswork

Tracking time where the work is done will help you eliminate guesswork about where your team really spends its time. You’ll have fewer surprises, and you’ll be able to make smarter decisions.