ProjectLocker is designed for businesses and others that need to keep their source code private, so we take the integrity and security of all customer data very seriously. We combine a number of approaches across our infrastructure to meet the ever-evolving challenges to security and data integrity.

Your code it's secure with us!

Physical Security

All ProjectLocker production servers are housed in top-tier data centers with enterprise-grade security features.

  • 24x7 onsite security
  • Controlled access requiring proximity badge and/or biometric scanning
  • Video surveillance


  • All data are backed up to offsite systems
  • Portable customer-usable backups can be purchased upon request

Environmental Controls

  • Climate control
  • Redundant N+1 cooling system
  • Pre-action Fire Suppression

Connection Security

  • Connections to ProjectLocker are made via SSL and HTTPS by default
  • Connections are encrypted with public key encryption using 4096-bit private keys
  • Customers of some plans can optionally limit access to Subversion by IP address


  • N+1 UPS Battery Backup Units
  • N+1 Backup Power Generators

System-Level Security

  • All data is stored on redundant disk arrays
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring and Support
  • All systems run recent, patched versions of underlying operating systems
  • Non-ProjectLocker personnel are not permitted shell access for any reason
  • Systems use a modular architecture and only expose the minimum services required
  • ProjectLocker systems are periodically tested using vulnerability detection tools