How important is your source code to your business? If you’re like most companies, the answer is “critical” or “mega-important”. Unfortunately, too many teams take the safety of their project data for granted. And who can blame them? Backup strategies are boring! So let’s talk about data integrity.

Backups Mean Never Having To Say You're Sorry

At ProjectLocker, we take data integrity very seriously. In fact, you might say that data integrity is the core of our whole business (because it is). So we're particular about how we store data. Here are some of the things we do:

  • All data is stored on redundant disk arrays
  • We use real, direct-attached, server grade disks in physical servers
  • We back up all data to an offsite location thousands of miles away from the primary servers
You get the idea; we put a lot of energy into protecting your projects. This is why we have never lost customer data in over 10 years of business. But some of our customers need an even higher level of guarantee. These customers want to do things like:

  • Create physical archives on a disk and place them in bank vaults for safekeeping
  • Conform to regulatory requirements that require them to possess archives of their code
  • Conform to corporate requirements requiring offline storage of code
  • Satisfy managers who are still unsure about the safety of cloud-based services
Do any of these circumstances sound familiar?

If so, ProjectLocker Backup Subscriptions can help. Backup Subscriptions let you automatically archive your project(s) with a frequency of your choice (monthly, weekly, or daily).

You set it up once, and then the archives are automatically created for you on the schedule you choose. Each archive contains the source repository for the project(s) (Git or Subversion), as well as the Trac data for the project.

And the data stored in the archives is 100% portable so that you can even restore to an in-house server if you choose.

Would you like to get automatic downloadable archives of your projects?

You can get your Backup Subscription by logging into ProjectLocker Portal ( and clicking the Backups tab at the top of the page, then clicking the Manage Subscriptions link. Or, you can click here (use your ProjectLocker Portal login to access the page)

Note: Backup Subscriptions are only available for paid plans and incur an additional fee. Clicking the button just shows you pricing and options, so don’t worry.